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Pre-coronavirus, I organised monthly in-person wine tastings in Brussels to educate people both about how wine is made and how to pair wine and food. To help make lockdowns a little less miserable, I’m now organising virtual wine tastings via videoconference. It's educational and fun and social all at the same ime. Registering is easy: Just follow the instructions on the link below! I also offer bespoke wine tastings for groups on request. You can see examples of some previous tastings on my Facebook page or my Eventbrite page. Trustpilot reviews below. Additional references available on request.

May: A month of great rose wines from Belgium, Portugal and Greece

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My goal is to discover, share and sell high-quality, somewhat exotic wines that offer good value. I organise frequent blind tastings in which the labels are initially obscured in order to ensure that the wines I sell are judged on their merits, without brand-name baggage and other preconceptions, and that they will please wine novices as much as they do sommeliers.

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Please drink responsibly

The ancient Greeks said “pan metron ariston”, which means “all things in moderation”. I believe that wine, like all good things, should be consumed in moderation and support efforts to educate people about responsible alcohol consumption.

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