Terra Nova

Domaine du Chenoy

I discovered the Belgian wines of Domaine du Chenoy at a wine fair several years ago and was immediately struck by their originality. They eschew the big ‘international’ grape varieties for modern hybrids that few people have heard of but which produce highly original—and very good—wines. The facts that they are organic and are produced in Belgium, just an hour from Brussels, are nice, too. The un-oaked Terra Nova is their “everyday” red wine, made from the same unique combination of Rondo, Pinotin and Régent grapes as their older, oaked Grand Chenoy. Deep ruby in color, it is dominated by cherry and smoky aromas, and has a long, dry cherry finish. This wine goes well with mixed cheese and cold cut plates, pizza, red-sauce pastas and red meat dishes.

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€ 78.96 

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